TTU System Chancellor Robert Duncan, SGA President Cheynne Mangold, TTUHSC President, Steve Wright, Brax Wright and Paula Wright Key Wright ASCO Family Presidential Endowed Scholarship

Generous Gift Establishes First Presidential Scholarship

By Danette Baker
Office of Institutional Advancement


Thanks to a generous gift from the Bill and Corinne Wright Family, Texas Tech Unviersity Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) now has a presidential scholarship endowment that will aid in recruitment of qualified students and support and those currently attending the university.

Scholarship support is invaluable, said Cheyenne Mangold, 2016-2017 Student Government Association president, speaking to the Wright family and those gathered in February for the announcement of the Wright ASCO Foundation Endowed Presidential Scholarship.

“One of the best ways to combat rising student costs is scholarships,” said Mangold, who recently completed her third year of medical school. “It provides students with the opportunity to focus more on academics and less on how to pay for an education."

Last year, TTUHSC students borrowed $67 million in loans to pay for their education. The cost of tuition alone varies by field; as example, one semester for a traditional bachelor’s degree in nursing can cost more than $12,000 for residents and four years of medical school come with a bill of more than $210,000.

“Without families like you the dreams of students such as myself could never happen," Mangold said. "From bottom of my heart, on behalf of all students here, thank you.”

The Wright ASCO Foundation Endowed Presidential Scholarship is a game changer, said TTUHSC President Tedd L. Mitchell, M.D. “It is not often that we receive a gift with such few strings attached. Their scholarship gives us great leeway in using these funds on any campus for any student. I couldn’t be more thankful to this family for that.”

Mitchell also commended the family on its legacy – one of family relationships, working in unity and philanthropy.

“It was because of their parenting and relationships with one another growing up that they are able to do this and impact so many beyond their own family,” he said. “With their thoughtful assistance, our university will continue to educate students in all health care fields and help lessen the burden of debt.”

Bill and Corinne Wright’s philanthropic legacy is one passed on to their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren as well as to their employees at ASCO Equipment, said Steve Wright, one of the couple’s three children. He and his siblings, Brax Wright and Paula Wright Key established the ASCO Foundation, which supports the scholarship gift.

“When you leave this world it’s not bricks and mortar that last, it’s your legacy. I can think of no better legacy to leave than one of giving.”

Philanthropy such as that exhibited by the Wright family’s gift is the lifeblood of university excellence, said Texas Tech University (TTU) System Chancellor Robert Duncan. “The state does a great job in supporting institutions like (TTUHSC) but state appropriations alone just won’t get the job done. “The way we will continue to achieve excellence depends on philanthropy.”

This scholarship gift is the Wright family's second major gift to TTUHSC. In 2005, they established the Corinne Payne Wright Endowed Chair in Alzheimer’s Disease in the School of Medicine’s Department of Neurology. Texas Tech University and the TTU System also benefit from the family’s generosity.



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